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So your wedding date is set, and you now have the problem of deciding your wedding hair style for your big day.  There are hundreds of varied wedding hair ideas out there and you are wanting to choose the right one for you.  The first thing you need to decide is whether you are wanting to wear your hair up or down.  Once you have decided that, you can then move onto what hair style you want for your wedding day.


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Wedding hair ideas mainly concern the bride, as it is her who wants to decide on the bridal hair styles, so that she and her brides maids look beautifull on the wedding day. Try and think about the day itself when choosing your wedding hairstyle.  If the ceremony, or function itself is going to be outside, then it may be a good idea to wear your hair up.  If the day happens to be windy, or even worse, include rain, then you know that you hair will still look fine for your wedding photographs.  This is not meant to worry you, but give you an open minded solution to a possible problem. It just take a little thought, when thinking about wedding hair ideas.

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For most women, their wedding day is the most precious day of their lives, and one that you want to look your very best for, after all, you are the bride.  When considering your wedding hair style, you need to think how it will compliment your dress, makeup, and the structure of your face.  You can always go to a ‘recommended’ salon that is known for doing wedding hair, and ask them for some suggestions and advice.  This allows you to think outside the box and will give you a few hints and ideas that you may not have even thought of previously.  You also need to think how your brides maids are wearing their hair.  Do you want your hair style to look the same as them, or do you want to be different.  This is your decision, and for you to decide, but other peoples opinions and suggestions wouldn’t go a miss.

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Always make sure that you are happy with the hair style you choose.  Although you may wear your wedding hair style different to how you have had your hair before, you still want to be able to look back at your wedding photos and think to yourself, ‘That looks like me, and it is me’, so keep your chosen style to your taste and nobody else’s. Bridal hair styles should decided by the bride, as it will be her who has to wear the wedding hair style on the day.

Your chosen hair stylist should offer you a trial run prior to your big day to try out your wedding hair style.  Make sure that you take along any accessories such as veils, hair accessories, tiaras and maybe even a photo of your wedding dress so that they can visualise your finished look to ensure that you look your best.

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A fantastic choice for your wedding hair style is to use hair extensions.  This is particularly good if you have shorter hair, and really want to have longer, thicker hair for your special day.  There are two routes you can go down with this.  One is to have glue in hair extensions, which can last from 2 – 4 months.  The other option is to opt for quality clip in hair extensions.  These are virtually undetectable and can be applied by yourself, in only a few minutes. We sell a range of high quality clip ins that are ideal for wedding hair pieces.

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These can be used for your big day and then taken out.  You can always use them again and again for nights out or special occasions at a later date if you want to.  Two birds with one stone!  We sell a wide range of branded, quality clip in hair extensions via our online store.  Please feel free to browse the products to see which would be suitable for you.  There are many lengths, styles and colours to choose from.  You can contact us to discuss these products if you would like further information.

We will soon be adding a large directory of bridal hair pictures, which will offer you plenty of ideas for your special day, or that of a friend or relative. We will also be introducing a range of wedding hair accessories which will be available to buy via our online store.

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